6 Weird Sex Positions For When You’re Looking For Something Out Of The Ordinary

6 Weird Sex Positions For When You’re Looking For Something Out Of The Ordinarysex positions

Weird sex positions can be good for a bit of fun or for those who love to be particularly zealous. Here we look at six creative sex positions to get you thinking about something a little naughty, or out of the ordinary.

1. Cowboy Sex Position

If you like to spice things up in the bedroom with a little role reversal then the cowboy is one of those positions for lovemaking that will appeal to those who like to do things a little different. This position is where the woman lays on her back and the man sits on top. It’s for men who like the feeling of trapping their lady underneath to maintain control. It should be noted though that it can be difficult for your guy to dock… and when he does, it will only permit for shallow penetration. However, the vaginal tightness created by your closed legs will please him but some clitoral stimulation for you may be required.

2. The Ambush

The ambush is one of those making love positions that can feel a bit like a drunken romp but some will find it hot, if not a little amusing. Laying flat on your back with your legs over your head, he penetrates you while laying across your lower body in the opposite direction. It’s one of those weird sex positions that for the right couple can either be a big hit or a definite miss.

3. The Hangman

If you’re wondering what are good sex positions to create a bit of swinging motion, then The Hangman is a good place to start. It’s where he hangs from a rail above and supports his legs on a chair. You straddle over his legs and slide down on to his cock. If he then has good upper body strength you can attempt to swing back and forth.

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4. The Motion of the Ocean

This is another one of those weird sex positions that will require a bit of creative flair and a touch on finesse. He sits on a rocking chair and you sit on him with your back to him. Holding hands you lean forward, your face almost to the ground, and you begin to rock.

5. The Rickshaw

The Rickshaw is certainly one of the most creative sex positions. It requires him to lay back on the end of the bed with his hips overhanging over the edge with his legs bent up. You stand with your back to him then lower yourself down on his cock while holding on to his feet.

6. I Want My Mummy

A reverse gender role and only for those ladies strong enough to hold their man like a child whilst leaning back up against a wall. Not for most this one definitely tops the weird sex positions guide!

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