Arousing tale of two girls having sex together for the first time

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She didn’t think Alexa was going to let her touch her—then again, she never thought anyone was going to let her touch them. Julia was shy, she knew it, but still, that didn’t stop her desires from flowing through her body, like any other young woman.

Shyness didn’t seem to be present this early afternoon as Julia’s hands ran up the back of Alexa’s legs, teasing underneath her dress. There was no resistance. She pulled Alexa closer to her. Their lips met, then instantly locked in a passionate kiss. No, there was no resistance at all. Julia only felt the equal pull of her new lover, touching her in the same manner. They wanted each other, there was no denying it.

Julia moaned softly and pressed her lips more forcefully against Alexa’s mouth.

“Julia couldn’t possibly be in this as much as I am,” Alexa thought as she struggled to keep her composure, her lips pressed against Julia’s, her tongue dancing lightly inside her delicious little mouth. “She’s normally so shy…”


“I can’t believe Alexa isn’t stopping me,” Julia thought again as she pushed her tongue deeper into Alexa’s mouth. She opened her eyes and dared a quick peek at Alexa, amused to see her lover’s eyes were squeezed tightly shut. “God, she’s so beautiful,” she lamented, still not quite believing that it was Alexa, her gorgeous brunette roommate that she was kissing.

It felt so surreal… watching Alexa all these months as they became better and better friends… casually asking Alexa if she ever dated women, yet not ever receiving an answer. She knew she did—Julia had caught Alexa bringing a girlfriend back from a bar one night… what a night it had been. Julia still got wet remembering the sounds of the two girls moaning behind the closed bedroom door as she hid in the dark to listen.

Yes, her roommate dated girls, but for some reason, she refused to ever talk about it. That particular girlfriend was gone the following morning when Julia woke up, and Alexa never brought her up—that’s what made thing so difficult. As much as she wanted her roommate from the moment she laid eyes on her gorgeous body, Julia knew if she were to ever come on to her and Alexa rejected her it would make living together nearly impossible. Beyond the embarrassment, she didn’t want to move. Finding a flat in the city was a nearly impossible task, and she adored the cozy two-bedroom place they shared. No, better to remain in the silence, than upset the apple cart.

Except now, the distance that had once kept them apart had vanished in the blink of an eye, and a hand under the skirt.


“She is so unbelievably sexy,” Alexa kept repeating to herself. She felt Julia’s hand reaching up higher under her dress, teasing the edges of her silk pink panties. She let out a quiet moan, unable to keep her arousal in check. Her hands found the same path under Julia’s dress and she teased her in the same manner. She grazed her fingers over Julia’s soft mound, and along the soft curve of her bottom.

“God, she is so unbelievably sexy,” kept running through her head. “So unbelievably sexy…”


Julia had accepted it was happening. This was real. Her crush on her roommate had suddenly turned into the hottest sexual encounter she could recall. She had only been with one other woman before, and it was nothing like what she was feeling with Alexa. Her legs were growing so weak she could barely stand. Her inner thighs where Alexa was teasing her were on fire. Her nipples were hard and pressed against the front of her dress, begging to be pinched and sucked. Her breath was hot. She was so turned on, she couldn’t even think.

Yet, she tried. She tried to think what a more confident girl would do. She didn’t want her first time with Alexa to be awkward. She was quickly realizing she also didn’t want this to be the only time. Something that felt this good… there was no way she wanted to give this up.

Julia was sick of always being the shy girl, the girl who was terrified to ask another girl out on a date. Her timidity had plagued her since she’d realized she was attracted to women. She’d even tried dating guys just to please her family, always worried about what others thought more than caring for her own needs.

She didn’t want Julia to ever know that timid, shy side of her. This was her chance to show her roommate that she knew exactly what she wanted.

She wanted Alexa.

Julia reached her hand down and squeezed Alexa’s upper thigh, then raised Alexa’s leg up and pulled her closer. She thrust her hips forward, rubbing her pelvis against Alexa in a slow, sensual rhythm. She could hear Alexa’s gasp of surprise. She smiled to herself. She was just getting started.


Alexa’s eyes widened as she felt Julia’s tongue probing the insides of her mouth. She was shocked by the boldness that came over her roommate. “I had no idea she was so experienced,” she thought as Julia pushed her down onto the couch. She felt her legs being spread open and her arms being pushed into the soft cushions behind her. “She’s just so good at this.”

Alexa was not a virgin when it came to women, but was she not all that experienced. The only girl she’d been with recently had been a one-night hookup after a bar, and while they had made a lot of noise in the dark she hadn’t really experienced any sort of passion with her. Julia seemed to ooze passion from every pore of her being. Alexa felt her body and mind slipping away… she was going to give herself to Julia… every bit of her.


Julia continued kissing Alexa’s soft, feminine mouth. She licked her tongue, and bit down on her bottom lip, devouring her with intensity. There was no more hesitation… the shy girl she once had been had disappeared.

Julia placed her hands on Alexa’s breasts and pinched her nipples lightly. She slipped Alexa’s dress from her shoulders and ran her tongue over Alexa’s breasts and nipples, enjoying the way they felt in her mouth. She continued kissing and sucking on her, eagerly devouring every inch of her exposed skin as she moved her hands down Alexa’s body, once again pressing her fingers against her soft mound. Alexa moaned beneath her.

Julia felt her own dress slipping from her shoulders. She pulled it down, exposing her breasts. Alexa sat up and touched her tenderly, lightly teasing her fingers over her skin. Julia felt electricity rush through her everywhere Alexa touched. She wanted to say something. She wanted to tell Alexa how beautiful she was. She wanted to tell her how much she wanted her… how much she needed her.

She decided to let their bodies do the talking.

Julia pushed Alexa all the back so she was lying flat on the sofa. She leaned over her and began grinding her hips into her. Their bare thighs rubbed up against one another. Their nipples collided, sending a shiver through Julia’s spine. She leaned forward and pushed her breasts into Alexa’s mouth, reveling in the sensations that overtook her as Alexa licked her nipples.

Julia loved the power she felt running through her. It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. Alexa moaned and rocked her body back and forth as Julia rubbed her mound. Alexa’s eyes widened and her breath grew short. Julia reached underneath Alexa’s soft lacy panties and found her inner lips wet. She began to stroke Alexa. Softly at first, then with more force. She found her clit, teasing it expertly as only a woman can.

Alexa moaned under her, nearly bursting with passion. Julia could only smile.

Julia’s fingers were light tiny lightning bolts, sending electric shockwaves through Alexa’s most intimate of areas. Alexa could barely see straight. She cried out, not caring about anything.

“Yes, yes… God yes!” Alexa moaned as her body exploded in orgasmic pleasure. Julia kept stroking her until her orgasm finally subsided. She slowly withdrew her fingers from her and let her catch her breath.


As she watched Alexa climax Julia felt a new need growing inside her. She needed to be touched. She needed to be touched the way she had just touched Alexa. She sat up and helped Alexa to slide her panties down her legs then swapped places with her. Julia smiled to herself as she lay back and felt Alexa’s hand move between her legs. She closed her eyes, letting the sensations of pure pleasure wash over her.

Julia was certain she was going to wake up and this would all be a dream. She opened her eyes. Her roommate was still there, her dress hiked up around her hips, her head lowered between her legs. Julia closed her eyes again. It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a dream, and she was about to come.

A moment later Julia cried out as her body shook violently. A cascade of stars swam behind her tightly closed eyelids. Her breath was gone. She was in absolute heaven.

Finally, she opened her eyes and stared at Alexa.

Alexa eventually broke the silence.

“If I had any idea you were into girls…”

Julia smiled. “Well, now you know.”

Alexa giggled. “I do. And it’s probably for the best I didn’t know sooner. I might have done something terribly foolish, like give you free rent.”

Julia laughed. “Well, maybe I can work out a deal with you… although you should know, I don’t come cheap.”

As spent as her body was, Alexa felt a tingle between her legs. She couldn’t wait to see what happened next month when the rent was due. Neither roommate could. They leaned toward each other, eager to find out.


The post Arousing tale of two girls having sex together for the first time appeared first on FrolicMe.

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