Give (Or Buy) Mom A Massage For Mother’s Day: She Deserves It!

If you have no idea what to get your mother, your wife, or your lover who is a Mother, trust me, she will love a massage. If you don’t want or know how to give a good one, you can always buy her one. “I hate a deeply relaxing, healing massage,” said no woman ever.

Groupon is the greatest place to buy a massage, that in some cases, would normally cost $100-$200. Every city has Groupon, but check this one out on the Los Angeles Groupon for example, a one-hour massage “Swedish Deep Tissue Combination” massage is only $36.50! Perfect if you’re a cheapskate! And the combination foot massage and body massages on Groupon look heavenly! And for the mothers-to-be, there are “pre-natal” massages.

Or go for a “couples massage” like this 60-minute-Couple’s Aromatherapy massage  in New York City that usually goes for $130.00 for $56.00. Afterwards you can go to the Tokyo room, “where duos can slip into a tub brimming with rose petals and sip red wine.”


For those lovers out there who want to go the “erotic massage” route, you might want to bone up on your technique first with an online erotic massage course from Loveology University that teaches you the “art of loving rubbing,” which sounds absolutely lovely. The course covers “vulva massage” and the different types of touch. There are several massage techniques including stroking, rubbing, and kneading, and “smoothing”. And as a lover you wanna be “smoove.”

Or check out a massage technique book, like this one, called Sensual Massage for Couples.  Massage is used in the Tantric Sex, as not only a pre-sex relaxation technique, but as a bonding technique to re-connect couples emotionally. This book, Tantric Massage: Sensual Massage With Illustrated Massage Techniques illustrates specific ways to “ease stress and worry less in the bedroom with Tantra techniques”, “view 10 sensual massage techniques”, and “explore new boundaries and sensuality with tantra massage.”

Fun fact: during the swinging 60’s, the swinger’s big technique for relaxing the ladies (along with hot tubs) was the erotic massage. The swingers knew what they were doing, so if you want sexy time to be sexier, give your partner a sexy, loving massage. And if you’re lucky, they will massage you back, and give you a “Happy Ending.”

In the meantime, give the mother in your life the gift of the power of touch. Happy Mother’s Day!

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