Gorgeous brunette arouses her boyfriend and lesbian lover

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It was all my fault. I’d let my mind wander through the entire business planning meeting this morning. But it was Lenya that started it. As I’d watched Lenya gently teasing her ballpoint pen between her lips and into her sweet, pouting mouth in between taking notes – the pen slipping over her slight, lip-sticked smile, in and out, her tongue twirling a caress around its tip as her eyes locked deep in work-mode concentration towards James, leading the meeting in his tight pale blue shirt and sexy jeans. Lenya was unaware of the way she was arousing me of course but it was too late by then. Beneath my tight pencil skirt, I knew my black silky panties were already slick with the evidence of my excitement and my pussy lips were pinkening with the throb of my desire. It was all I could do to stop myself tracing my finger slowly up my inner-thigh, past the nude-lace of my hold-ups, until my freshly-manicured fingernail met the warm flesh at the top of my thigh, sending shockwaves of sensual electricity through my body, and onwards, towards my wanting clit. It was of also at that moment that James broke-off from his commanding business presentation to ask me a question….

I stumbled through my answer. I stuttered the projected sales figures. I mumbled the incorrect projection – and our potential deal with a new client fell apart there and then. And yes, it was all my fault. Afterwards, I apologised as best as I could. It was James who was most furious with me – and not in the mood to accept my words of remorse. But in the confines of the office, I could hardly tell him the truth of what erotic pleasures had been whirring through my mind that morning… But now we were home and it was after business hours, I needed to not only apologise properly, I needed to make it all right again. Between the three of us. Just like it usually is.

Sat on the sofa, relaxing, James doing his usual work-research (or at least that’s what he says he’s doing on his tablet) as Lenya kicks back with a novel, I found that I could resist no more – not only tempering my unsatisfied desires but resist in saying sorry to my man the only sure-fire way I knew how. Surely, this was a win-win situation..?

Easing one hand across my panties, I caressed the smooth skin of my body upwards with the other – beneath my silk blouse to my pert breasts, nipples hard already and eager for touch. My body was soon writhing, my eyes fixed on James as I pulled my panties aside to find the centre of my excitement – my pretty pink clit throbbing steadily with my growing pleasure. Giving James the clues of what I needed from him, the come-on invitation for him to add to my arousal, I pushed two fingers firmly inside myself. It felt good, almost satisfying – but still I needed more. I guess needing more is my thing. You only have to look at the set-up of my life to see that…

You see, our home situation isn’t exactly a usual one. Me and James, me and Lenya, me, Lenya and James – and on occasion James and Lenya too when I get to sit back and watch and make myself cum so hard it’s like a train thundering a station. Our set-up is maybe not normal in how society sees it…. But it works for us. In fact, it was the thought of our typical play that added to my arousal at this morning’s meeting too. As James’s voice rang through the board-room, husky, deep, sensual in its masculine tone, I noted the contours of his biceps through his shirt, the curve of his defined pecks and I could picture his skin beneath – his shirt off, his naked torso edging lower, as he climbed towards me and Lenya, teasing us about who he’d choose to take first, as we lie naked, limbs intertwined, kissing each other delicately, on the best purchase the three of us have ever made – our super-king size bed for the master suite in our apartment. Yep, that’s right, James, Lenya and I all share the same apartment. But there’s more than one bedroom – we’d be too exhausted otherwise. Though, of course, it’s the giant bed in our master suite that we like the best.

And that’s exactly where I wanted to be right now. That’s where I wanted all three of us to spend the rest of the evening. But I had a lot of making up to do first. And it was my desire that I needed to deal with – and get out of sitting here, stuck in the middle, like the shame-faced naughty girl that I felt I was. But as I touched myself, James wasn’t biting. Was I really in his bad books so much? But still I went on, touching at my eager sex – and then, as I caught the lingering scent of my arousal, breathing it in to send my further into pleasure, I remembered there was one thing James could never resist – and that was the taste of me.

Offering up to him the honeyed-sweetness of my sex that coated my fingers, up towards his mouth, James could hardly refuse. His lips opened, accepting my taste at once, his eyes flickered with horny desire, as he tasted the exciting promise of what was to come…. And at last, James pulled me closer – and began to touch me. Was he finally accepting my apology? I guess I just had to wait and see…

James worked at my pussy – just the way I liked it. Two fingers dancing into the dark of my heaven, rhythmically pulsing at my flesh, my moans more audible with every thrust and teasing stroke of my clit. The sound of his hand tapping and slapping against my lips aroused me even more as he held my arching body close to him, with James pausing only to pull lightly at my nipples as if taking command of my pleasure.

I knew what he wanted now. Lying back, I offered my open pussy for him to play with as he saw fit. Pushing deeper with his fingers now, I could see the pleasure of giving cross his face, as his thumb danced across my swollen button, making it swell even more, making me want even more, as I always did, as he edged me towards climax. I breathed through the ecstasy that was building inside as he held my lips firmly apart, the tightness of being pinned wide adding to my thrill. This was what I wanted. This was the acceptance of my apology for my boardroom shame. I knew this for sure when James eased his fingers out from my glistening pussy to my open and panting mouth, letting me too share the juice of my hot and sensual sex. It was sweet and delicious, just like Lenya’s juice that I hoped was building inside her right now, as she continued to sit beside us, reading her book like the good girl she was trying to be whilst letting me and James have our re-bonding moment of bliss.

Pushing three fingers into me now, James was bringing me closer to my explosion and, try as I might to resist, my orgasm rippled through my entire being, my body tensing and arching back with the release of my exquisite thrill. As I caught my breath, James did the honourable thing. He slipped off my panties. He wanted more too.

As Lenya looked on, James opened me wide and worked me harder with this thumb. The pleasure building once more inside my sensitive sex… Until at last, my eyes caught Lenya’s and in her glance I could see her deep desire – for touch, for sex, for me. After all, that’s what brought Lenya to us in the first place….


The post Gorgeous brunette arouses her boyfriend and lesbian lover appeared first on FrolicMe.

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