Hоw tо gіvе a wоmаn the bеѕt sеx of her lіfе – 5 killer sеx tірѕ yоu muѕt knоw 

How to give a woman the best sex of her life – 5 killer sex tips you must knowkiller sеx tірѕ yоu muѕt knоw 

If you have already run out of ideas on how to please your woman – then you might be in trouble. If she is always sexually satisfied with you, then there is less chance for her to be on the lookout for another man. You don’t need to be a professional golfer to be able to make women throw themselves at you, but if you know these killer sex tips then there will be an endless queue of women who want to be with you. Read on to discover the 5 killer tips that you need to know to give a woman the best orgasm of her life…

How To Give A Woman The Best Sex Of Her Life – 5 Killer Sex Tips You Must Know

Tip #1: Surprise Her!

If you can get a woman to be caught surprised, then you will be able to spike up her sexual desire for you. On the other hand, if you fall into boring routines then you fall into the danger of sexual monotony.

Here’s a slightly outlandish idea for surprising her – get her to have sex with you in public places! Start by frolicking in the garden at the back of your house, for example. You don’t need to go far.

Tip #2: Be Spontaneous

You will need to put back the “sizzle in the steak” by acting as if you have never had sex with your woman. Remember the first time you got her in the sack? Re-enact that scene – and put the fire back in your belly.

Tip #3: Get Her To Use Her Imagination

You can get her to be highly aroused by simply getting her imagination all fired up. One way to get her to engage her sexual brain is to start by playing sex games.

Another way is to read sex stories and erotic novels – and get her to talk about her deepest (and darkest) sexual desires. The sky is the limit!

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Tip #4: Identify Her Sexual Hot Spots

Every woman will have her own “sensual spots” which will trigger her intense pleasures when you hit them. You will need to know where those are!

Here’s one way to find out for sure – when you touch her, be aware of places where she moans the loudest. These would be the places where you will need to “zero in” to get her to explode with sexual pleasure.

Tip #5: Get Sexual Superpowers

There are some advanced (and deadly effective) sexual techniques that a man can get to know that will supercharge his sexual powers. One such technique is reputed to be able to make a woman orgasm without even touching her!

This tactic requires some “conversational conditioning” which will make a woman feel sexually charged only by listening to your voice. It’s amazingly powerful!

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