Lust Diaries by Krystle Kotara Released

Lust Diaries by Anya Lust

“The Lust Diaries is a collection of poetry and prose, written to inspire women to feel free to explore the pleasures of life.” – Krystle Kotara.

Anya Lust founder Krystle Kotara is now a published author with the release of her first book, The Lust Diaries, a collection of poetry and prose centered around life, love, and eroticism.

The 158 page book allows the reader to float along on a cloud of dreamy sensuality as Krystle uses unique imagery to illustrate the mind of a liberated woman.

“The Lust Diaries inspires women to believe that deep sensuality is incredibly beautiful, that womanhood is wonderfully divine, and that love, with all of its highs and lows, will forever outweigh all else.” says Krystal.

The Lust Diaries: 10 Years in the Making

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In a recent LinkedIn article, Krystle said that the book was the culmination of 10 years of inspiration and late-night revisions. The book is now available on and

About the Lust Diaries author, Krystal Kotara

Krystle Kotara is the owner and creative director of Anya Lust, a luxury lingerie and erotic couture brand centered around the beauty of romance and love. Being recognized for her ability to capture the essence of sensuality through visual storytelling, Krystle decided to write poetry books and sultry novellas to allow readers to paint their own picture through her words. The Lust Diaries is her first published book.

Through her curated collections and carefully selected models, Krystle encourages women to love their curves and explore their sensuality. She believes deeply in the magic of living a passionate, fulfilling life, and helps women discover how they can achieve that for themselves.

Anya Lust has been featured in notable publications, including, Forbes Lifestyle, PopSugar, and Daily Mail. The luxury brand has also been named Best Boutique 2016 by and one of 20 Best Lingerie Boutiques to Shop Online by, alongside Agent Provocateur and La Perla.

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